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Yo bro, where you been!? Come check out this foosball table! Havn’t seen one of these babies since college. Let’s play shall we? Winner gets the bride? Pshhhhahahahaha!! Kidding!

Oh my god! Are you drunk!?

I may have had a glass of wine ye *burp* or two.

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Feeling way too lazy to think up 11 more questions but here are my answers anyway and thanks for the tag mon friend :>

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Gahk I wanted to give you all some sort of gift for the holidays but it’s Christmas Eve and I got nuttin. Ohh well guess I will have to make it some sort of New Years thing idk… Anyways, have a holly jolly Christmas and I’ll see y’all after Boxing Day!

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Hat sliders are so touchy, hot damn.

Hat sliders are so touchy, hot damn.

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Not a full year but whatevaa.

Forrest, wait.

My parents… do you think they’ll show?

Oh my, you clean up well. I could just kiss you right here.

Before the wedding? What about all that bad luck stuff?


You shouldn’t be in here, it’s bad luck you know.

I won’t tell if you don’t.

insaneepandaa replied to your photo“Have a pic while my game loads :D”
I will have a pick, thanks for that- OH DAYYYYYUMN! SHE A BEUT, MATE.